60 Minutes Takes One Last Shot

Foiled in their plan to broadcast the Al Qaqaa non-story tonight, 60 Minutes fell back on an old standby: an “expose” of troops not having proper equipment in Iraq, unarmored Humvees, etc. I turned it off after a few minutes, so I don’t know whether they worked the bake sale hoax into the story or not. And I didn’t find out whether they mentioned that 75% or 80% of the supposedly ill-equipped troops are voting for President Bush. Somehow, though, I doubt it.
I don’t think this broadcast will change more than five or ten votes. After twenty-five years or so of relentlessly liberal propaganda, I’d guess that 60 Minutes doesn’t have a lot of viewers who aren’t already voting for Kerry. And the story is such old news that I doubt it will generate much follow-up publicity in the papers tomorrow.


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