Open Source Election Coverage

As I’ve mentioned before, I will be part of NBC’s election night broadcast team. They will have a group of three bloggers–Ana Marie Cox, Joe Trippi (Is he a blogger? Not that I know of), and me. They will refer to us periodically for our comments on the races, and for information about what is being said and reported in the blogosphere.
The blogosphere has been referred to as “open source journalism,” and I think that’s a pretty good description. I’d love to use this opportunity to demonstrate that we bloggers are a powerful source of real-time information, not a curiosity. So: if you have anything interesting to report, or any analyses of the election returns that you think are worthwhile, send them to our Power Line mailbox, linked on the left side of the page. I hope I’m deluged with interesting material from all over the country–especially the swing states, of course. And I’ll try to get as much of the best stuff as I can on the air. I’ll also be live-blogging.
I’m guessing that the resources of NBC News are dwarfed by the information-gathering and information-analyzing capacity of the hundreds of thousands of smart people who read this site. Help prove me right on Tuesday.


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