Kerry Road Show a Bomb in Milwaukee

I received this email from a friend who works in Milwaukee:

This will warm your heart. I am looking out my window at Kerry, who is holding a rally out on the street. A crowd of 20,000 was expected, but there ain’t no one here — maybe 1-2,000 — at best. Pretty pathetic. I don’t follow the elections, but they are tomorrow, right? Shouldn’t he be able to muster up a couple more folks? Probably a good sign of things to come.

To be fair to Kerry, the weather in Milwaukee is bad today. Of course, some advance men might foresee the possibility of bad weather in the Midwest in early November…but apparently not Kerry’s. Here is what another reader wrote a few hours ago:

Bad advance for Kerry in Milwaukee. He has an outdoor rally planned for downtown Milwaukee today, just a couple of hours after Bush attends a rally at the old Mecca Arena downtown, a mere four blocks away. Guess what, it’s raining and it’s cold. I wonder how the Kerry supporters will be described as… versus the dry, and warm Bush supporters.

Advantage, Bush. Now if we could only confirm Favre’s endorsement…


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