The Constitutional Right to Commit Voter Fraud

The arguments that Democrats make in opposition to any efforts to reform our voting procedures often approach perilously close to the claim that Democrats, at least, have a Constitutional right to commit fraud. That seems to be the case in Ohio, where, following a bizarre Sunday night hearing, federal Judge Susan Dlott held that it is unconstitutional to have poll watchers in that state. Judge Dlott thus substituted her opinion for that of the Ohio legislature, which has enacted statutes that provide for poll watchers.
Meanwhile, Newsmax has been researching Judge Dlott:

“Critics have dubbed U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott an unabashed liberal who only snagged an appointment from Clinton in 1995 after her husband, Stan Chesley, raised millions for the Democratic Party,” the Cincinnati Enquirer reported back in February 2002.
The Cincinnati Enquirer described Dlott as “sometimes eccentric, often unconventional” and noted that on her bookshelf were photos of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. We suspect that today that shelf includes a photo of John Kerry.
Dlott made it clear in her interview with the Enquirer that she didn’t care what people thought about her biased decrees. “And besides, she says, people are stuck because her appointment is for life.”

Which, I guess, is another reason why this election is so important. It’s easy to see why the Democrats wanted Judge Dlott to hear their “case” against the Ohio legislature.
Dlott’s husband, Stan Chesley, is a plaintiff’s lawyer. But that’s like saying that Arnold Schwarzenegger used to work out in the gym. Chesley has made untold millions through class action lawsuits. His lavish lifestyle (as well as Judge Dlott’s) depends on the Democratic Party blocking tort reform. Hence, he raises millions for the Democratic Party. The photo below is of Chesley and Dlott’s house:
No wonder Chesley raises millions for the Democrats.


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