Thune Pulling Away?

Thune is now reported to be leading Daschle by six points. A Daschle lawyer has been arrested, reportedly, on a reservation. No details yet, at least that I’ve seen.
UPDATE: Daschle strong-arms himself into oblivion:

At the McLaughlin Community Center on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, a Daschle operative (a male lawyer in his 50s) has taken over part of the election table and is interfering with the election workers’ duties in violation of SDCL 12-18-3, 9.1 (9.2 gives authority to have the person removed and arrested). The election worker feels intimidated by the Daschle operative and feels that the man is interfering with the process. When told this was illegal, he responded “F–k you, do something about it.” These sorts of reports are coming in regularly. It’s a nice summary of the Daschle campaign’s attitude toward the election process.

UPDATE: The auditor has just sent the sheriff out to the polling location. Daschle goes out less than gracefully.


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