How About Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is the state we need if something goes haywire in Ohio. Bush started strong, but Kerry has held a lead for most of the night, now around 15,000 votes. Bush will narrow the lead for a while, and then a slug of urban votes will come in that boost it back up. I went to the Wisconsin Secretary of State’s office to see whether the Milwaukee and Madison votes are in–Kerry will win big in those cities, but Bush will win nearly everywhere else. Unfortunately, the Secretary’s site doesn’t provide much information. It refers you to the various county sites. From Dane County’s site, it appears that Madison’s votes have indeed been counted. However, Milwaukee County does not post results on election night, so there is no way to know how many Milwaukee precincts may still be outstanding. If Milwaukee and Madison are both accounted for, then Bush might be able to make up the difference as rural and small town votes come in. If there are many Milwaukee votes yet to come, the margin is probably insuperable.


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