You heard it here second

Last week, the experts at The Weekly Standard issued their election predictions. Rachel DiCarlo called it 51-48 for President Bush. I said that her prediction sounded about right. And so it has proven to be.
I actually hoped, and half-believed, that the country would rally to Bush to a greater degree. But let’s give his opponent some credit. Despite the best efforts of the Bush campaign to expose Kerry as a liberal flip-flopper with pacifist tendencies, and despite his deplorable cheap-shots, carping, and 20-20 hindsight, Kerry managed to come off as marginally presidential and make a marginally favorable overall impression on the voters. The debates, I think, were his key.
In the end, I believe that Kerry captured all but maybe one percent of the reasonably available anti-Bush vote. That he didn’t get it all is probably due mostly to the efforts of the Swiftvets and other Vietnam veterans groups.


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