That mean, lean blogging machine

With Kerry conceding defeat and Al Gore on the sidelines, the title of worst loser in American politics can be assigned to Dan Rather. Here, via Ace of Spades, is Dan and his side-kick last night on bloggers:

DAN RATHER: One would expect that the blogging machine which the White House and the Bush-Cheney campaign has used for any number of purposes over their four years will start now, if it hasn’t started already, to say, listen, Kerry-Edwards, for the good of the country, need to concede.
ED BRADLEY: I’m sure it’s started already. If we could tune into the Internet [ummm.. can’t they? — Ace] we’d see that people are already saying that now. That’s certainly the drum the White House is beating.

This from a guy whose network coordinated an attack on the president, based on forged documents, with the Democratic party and the Kerry campaign.
Shocking. But not surprising


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