Did I Witness a Conspiracy?

A reader offers a somewhat spooky explanation for the way NBC used us bloggers yesterday:

I watched for you yesterday on NBC – I actually watched one of the msm for a while, which I never do, but did not see you. Later I learned they only used you twice, for very brief walkons.
I read your post about the squirrely exit polls, Drudge and what I think was a report that one of the other bloggers with you, Wonkette, released the poll data without any real backup.
Today I heard that the networks paid for the exit polls.
So follow me here and see if it makes any sense.
1. NBC along with the other networks paid for the polls, so I would think they had the information to release- it had to come from them. You don’t spend that much money and then let anyone use the data.
It is possible they could also shape how the polls are taken, or even change the data once they get it. Not an accusation, just a theory.
2. They called 3 bloggers to NYC to “bring the blogworld into their TV reports.”
Then they put you on once, at 3pm, and then left you 3 alone, with just each other to talk to and your computers for a loooong time.
3. What if someone leaked the polls, real or faked, to two very pro Kerry bloggers. And NBC let nature take it’s course.
4. Drudge picked up on the posts and the blogworld and the other networks including Fox heard that “it was a blowout for Kerry.”
5. The networks accomplished two goals with no blowback.


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