The 3 percent solution

Our friend Peter Schramm at No Left Turns deduces “The meaning of the election” in eight numbered theses. The highlights are numbered five through eight:

5 – The Democratic Party is in disarray. It is possible to argue that the realignment that had started back in 1980 is now rolling on. The Demos have some serious soul-searching to do, and not only regarding who they think they will be able to run 2008. They have to think about who they are and what they stand for; they have to think through what their principle and purpose is; they have find their soul, if they have one. In his concession speech today Kerry said something about wanting to change America. Change America? Why? What is America, what has it been, and why does it need changing? Maybe those delicately dining on a croissant understand this kind of talk, but those of us munching on a doughnut do not. We think that America is just fine as it is, and we glory in the things for which it stands. And we naturally mistrust those who think otherwise.
6 – Kerry and the Demos (that is the post 1960


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