Have you Heard? KErry Really Won!

For just a moment, let’s take a walk on the wild side of the left-wing fever swamp. You probably haven’t heard of Greg Palast, but he’s a Michael Moore type far-left fruitcake who, to the everlasting shame of the BBC, sometimes produces programs for that network. His latest effort tries to show that John Kerry actually won Ohio.
How does he get there? He assumes that the exit polls were correct in Ohio, notwithstanding the fact that they proved incorrect everywhere else. He then counts up the “spoiled” ballots in Ohio, adds them to the “provisional” ballots which were probably improperly cast–very likely, fraudulently cast–and assumes that every such voter intended to vote for John Kerry. Voila! Kerry “really” won Ohio.
This is too stupid to be worth serious comment, but it does bring out a significant point: not everything that a person does with a ballot constitutes a vote. In every Presidential election, somewhere around 1% or 2% of ballots do not contain a proper vote. Sometimes the voter doesn’t vote for any Presidential candidate. Why? Beats me, but it’s a fact. Sometimes the voter votes for several candidates for the same office. Sometimes the voter writes weird stuff on the ballot but doesn’t fill in any of the ovals or punch out any of the holes. To assume that all such people are Democratic “minorities” is an insult to America’s minority communities–but, of course, Democrats insult minorities all the time.
Anyway, if you thought that winning Ohio by more than 130,000 votes (as opposed to 500-some in Florida in 2000) would make it impossible for Democrats to whine for the next four years, think again.


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