Mandate? What Mandate?

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne is usually Deacon’s personal whipping boy, but today I’ll take a turn. Dionne’s column today is typically non-insightful–I’ve never seen a column by him that couldn’t have been written by a high school senior of average intelligence–but it includes one observation that is worthy of comment, because it is being made by a lot of Democrats:

Begin with the facts: A 51-48 percent victory is not a mandate.

Which caused me to wonder: When was the last time a Democratic Presidential candidate got 51% or more of the popular vote? Yup, that’s right. Lyndon Johnson, 1964.
It’s nice to know that over the last 36 years, as the Democrats have tried to re-make the country in their own “progressive” image, they’ve never once had a mandate.
DEACON: Like Ann Coulter says, this election is the gift that keeps on giving.