E.J. Dionne rallies the troops

Many thanks to Rocket Man for taking over the E.J. Dionne beat today. Dionne’s attempt to argue that President Bush lacks a mandate is a fool’s errand for the reasons Rocket Man presented.
I was struck by another comment Dionne made:

An administration given to hubris will have to be checked by institutions outside what is likely to be a compliant Congress. This is no time for the independent media to be intimidated by trumped-up charges of liberal bias.

In other words, a non-elected institution, the MSM, must curb our democratically elected executive and legislature. And when called on this, the MSM must deny that its efforts are the product of what Dionne admits is the alarm of liberals (or “progressives,” as Dionne wants to put it).
Bloggers will have a busy, fun-filled four years.


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