The great Al Capp revisited

Reader Dirk Deppey is the managing editor of the Comics Journal, published by Fantagraphics Books. Dirk writes:

I just wanted to let you know that what you posted [in “Diamonds and rant”] wasn’t a self-portrait of Al Capp, but rather a self-portrait of New Zealand cartoonist Dylan Horrocks as he looks fondly upon Capp’s legacy (hence the “Dylan” signature). You might want to post a correction.

Reader Jim Treacher kindly forwarded a Capp self-portrait (below).
If you love great cartoonists like Al Capp, you’re probably aware of Fantagraphics Books. Among other things, Fantagraphics publishes collections by cartoonists such as Charles Schulz and Robert Crumb. I’m a proud owner of the first eleven volumes of the Complete Crumb published by Fantagraphics, as well as the special Comics Journal issue (no. 121) devoted to Crumb. Check out the beautiful Fantagraphics site if you have any interest in these great American artists and humorists.


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