What Went Wrong, Hollywood Wonders

Reader Laurence Zuriff pointed out this article in today’s New York Times. For conservatives, it’s enjoyable reading:

Disappointment was thick and palpable, an ill-tempered fog at the United Talent Agency in Beverly Hills where – who could concentrate? – the business of Hollywood was interrupted by constant discussions of What Went Wrong.
[I]n the wake of the election result, many producers, actors, writers and others in the culture business had to ask: are we seriously out of touch? What does the election result, felt so bitterly in Hollywood and New York, say about the divide between those who create popular culture and many of those who consume it?
“There’s a mournfulness going on – people are talking about secession, and they’re not completely joking,” said Lawrence O’Donnell, a writer on “The West Wing” and a political commentator. “The intensity of disappointment is so enormous. I haven’t experienced or witnessed anything like it since 1972,” when George McGovern lost to Richard Nixon.

This is the same Lawrence O’Donnell who went insane on Scarborough Country, screaming incoherently at John O’Neill. Later, O’Donnell says:

I don’t see any way to write “The West Wing” for current Bush voters. I couldn’t possibly write a heroic president who goes to war for an announced reason that turns out to be false and changes his story about how he went to war. There’s nothing in the Bush presidency that holds up for a ‘West Wing’-style presidency, which is a fundamentally honest and honorable administration. That’s the notion of it.

What you always suspected about Hollywood liberals? It’s true, only worse.


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