What Comes Next?

Last night, the Northern Alliance filled in for Hugh Hewitt. During a break, the Elder asked the rest of the gang what we would be writing about now that the election is over. I replied that, among other things, I intend to cover the Miss World competition.
Our Miss World coverage was very popular last year; you can see samples here and here. The official Miss World site is here. The final competition will occur on December 4. This year, the Miss World title will be decided by popular vote, sort of like American Idol. I’m not sure exactly what the format is, but no doubt it’s designed to maximize the suspense.
At the pageant’s site, you can see the contestants and start getting your ballot ready. In the meantime, note this description of Miss United States, Nancy Randall, which validates the fantasies of nerds (like us) everywhere:

Nancy was born in Brazil, her mother was a Brazilian model & Carnival Celebrity, her father an American mathematician.

Here is Miss Randall; right now she’s a model, but, hey, she’s working on her PhD too:


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