Republicans Now Outnumber Democrats

Karl Rove on the 2004 election:

The man President George W. Bush called the “architect” of his re-election, Karl Rove, says for the first time more Republicans voted than did Democrats. “This is the first time in recorded history — the first time since we’ve been taking accurate public opinion surveys — that this has ever happened,” Rove told Fox News
Rove also told Fox, “The president won a majority of independents. He took twice as many Democrats — more than twice as many Democrats — as Kerry took of Republicans.”
Rove said Bush’s victory by three million votes broke all the rules. “Think about all the conventional wisdom that lost,” he told Fox.
“The bigger the turnout, the better Democrats will do — big turnout, huge turnout, Bush wins.
“Late deciders are going to break against the incumbent and vote for the challenger — didn’t happen. They went for this president two-to-one.
“Younger voters are going to turn out in record numbers and are going to oppose this president — they turned out (in the) same percentage in the electorate that they were four years ago and this president barely lost them.
“And then, Democrats are going to enjoy a huge advantage among women voters this year — that advantage shrunk down to … less than four percent,” he told the cable broadcaster.

The AFP article quoting Rove is here. Note this cheap shot by AFP: this is the photograph of Rove that accompanies the article:
Looks pretty dumb, doesn’t it? Anyone unfamiliar with Rove who saw that picture would think he is a yahoo. What AFP doesn’t mention is that the picture was taken on Halloween, when Rove and three other Bush aides dressed in camouflage as a joke to parody John Kerry’s goose-hunting adventure.
UPDATE: Byron Mathews writes: “I always wondered what happened to that kid in ‘Christmas Story,’ the movie Jean Shepherd wrote about the boy who wanted the Red Ryder BB gun. Mystery Solved by Powerline!


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