Many are the reasons…

why Michael Moore should lose himself in the dark night of the soul attendant on the reelection of President Bush. Dear readers, you have submitted an overwhelming number and variety of reasons for Moore’s consideration. By my rough count, we have received approximately 200 emails in response to my request earlier today, and I have been able to get through barely a fraction of them. I’m going to have to take a little time to consider how best to share them with you.
In the meantime, I urge you to see Michael Wilson’s wonderful documentary film “Michael Moore Hates America,” now playing in the Twin Cities. I saw it with my family this evening and we all enjoyed it. Last month WorldNetDaily reported on the film’s debut in Dallas: “‘Michael Moore Hates America’ huge hit.”
Albert Maysles is the preeminent documentary filmmaker of our time. He appears in the film as a kind of Greek chorus to pass judgment on Moore throughout the film. Congressman Mark Kennedy is interviewed and describes what Michael Moore did to him in “Fahrenheit 9/11,” as does the American soldier who lost his arms serving in Iraq.
The latter sequence in particular powerfully reveals Moore to be a loathsome human being. It put me in mind of Churchill’s comment on Stanley Baldwin on the occasion of Baldwin’s eightieth birthday: “I wish Stanley Baldwin no ill, but it would have been much better had he never lived.”


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