Submitted for his consideration

Thanks to all who responded to our call for reasons Michael Moore should reconsider his 17 reasons to take consolation against suicidal despair addressed to his Kool-Aid-drinking followers. We thought it might be a public service to compile a compelling response encouraging Moore to rethink his position.
We have been inundated with responses, including responses from the many bloggers who answered the call (check the trackbacks on “Why Michael Moore should reconsider”). Thanks to all who submitted responses; they were on the whole creative, funny, thoughtful, deeply felt and occasionally moving.
Reader Catherine Tilley got us off to a good start with this succinct response playing off of Moore’s own crude style:

Perhaps Michael Moore should rethink his position because of one simple truth. In the end, HE is the biggest, fattest, most stupid white man…and his self-loathing is so thick, it surrounds him like a fog.

Reader Sam Webb forwarded a list of reasons that struck me as particularly compelling:

1. George Bush WON.
2. George Bush WON.
3. George Bush WON


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