The off tackle vs. the end run

Chrenkoff has Part 14 of the good news from Iraq. After you finish reading that, you might want to check his piece on the youth vote in last Tuesday’s presidential election. Chrenkoff cites data suggesting that this vote actually was a plus for Kerry in the battleground states. I suspect that Chrenkoff is right. More generally, my guess is that the Republican “ground game” outdid the Democratic effort nationally, but that the two ground games were essentially equal in the battleground states, with Bush winning in Florida and Ohio because he was just a little more popular than Kerry there. Note that the Republican get-out-the-vote game was based on volunteers, who are passionate about the cause regardless of where they live. The Democratic game is said to have placed more emphasis on hired guns (I take no position here on whether it also included extensive voter fraud), and it’s doubtful that the Democrats and their allies devoted much money to states that weren’t likely to affect the outcome of the election.


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