Yesterday Rocket Man discussed Lawrence O’Donnell’s support of blue-state secession as an alternative to the Union with the red states. The other Democratic alternatives discussed in Rocket Man’s post (“Democrats ponder alternatives: Vote suppression, secession, and assassination”) included disenfranchisement of the unenlightened and assassination of the president. Together these alternatives suggest that the Democrats are thinking their way back to their roots as the party of John Calhoun and the Confederacy, if not of the Klu Klux Klan and John Wilkes Booth.
There’s a kind of logic to the talk of secession by Democrats. Their creed on abortion has evolved in much the manner that the Southern Democrats’ creed on slavery evolved, an evolution culminating in the doctrine that race-based chattel slavery is a positive good. By the same token, the Democrats have come to support abortion as the moral equivalent of a positive good — any measure that might tend to lessen its incidence is reviled.
This is a subject to which we will have to return. Today’s Washington Times carries an article focusing on the question of secession that warrants consideration in the meantime: “Blue states buzz over secession.” Additional reading: John Calhoun’s “Speech in the Senate on the Oregon Bill.”
HINDROCKET adds: The Times article prompts two quick thoughts: 1) If the first time is tragedy and the second time farce–the only clever thing Karl Marx ever said–then the Dems’ talk of establishing their own nation so they can abort their babies in peace definitely qualifies. 2) The condition decried by a “top Democrat”–“The segment of the country that pays for the federal government is now being governed by the people who don’t pay for the federal government”–has existed for a long time, courtesy of the progressive income tax, under which a small minority of upper-income taxpayers carry most of the cost of the federal government. Funny, the Dems never minded this before!
UPDATE: Oh yes, one more thing. As a resident of Minnesota, one of the states in the projected blue-state confederation–it doesn’t have a name yet, how about the United States of Snobs?–I say: Hell no, we won’t go!
DEACON adds: In the event of seccession, the liberals in the states that, they claim, “pay for the federal government” had better hope that the folks who are actually doing the paying in those states don’t leave the confederation.


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