Senator Frist Responds

Sen. Bill Frist is obviously getting a lot of heat from conservatives who are unhappy about the comments made by Arlen Specter, the prospective chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Yesterday, we suggested that readers call and email Sen. Frist’s office on this issue, not so much with a view toward preventing Specter from becoming chairman, but to keep the pressure on Frist to do whatever it takes to keep his caucus (and Arlen Specter) in line. Today Sen. Frist sent out this email in response to the many inquiries he has gotten:

Thank you for contacting me regarding judicial nominations in the newly-elected session of Congress.
It is an honor to serve in the United States Senate.
The Constitution’s “advice and consent” clause clearly gives the Senate the prerogative to accept or reject any of the President’s judicial nominations. Unfortunately, a minority of Senators have been using Senate rules to stop the confirmation of many of these nominees and thwart the will of the majority. Their unwise and dangerous efforts are unprecedented and must not be allowed to succeed. That is why I have taken several steps to address this attack on our Constitution and judicial system. On June 5, 2003, I proposed a narrow change to Senate rules that would prohibit long term filibustering of judicial nominees. On November 12 – 14, 2003, I held the Senate in session for almost forty straight hours


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