The Madness Continues

Secession talk is spreading among the Democrats. A reader sent us this letter to the editor of the Casper, Wyoming Star Tribune from one Betsy Leondar-Wright, of Arlington, Massachusetts:

Red-state America, we Blue voters are sorry to say that it’s time for a divorce. We’ve tried staying together for the sake of the children, but it’s too late for that now.
We’d prefer the no-fault route. The trial separation in the 1860s was too devastating to repeat, so let’s settle this amicably. We’ll let you visit the Pacific Ocean and the Smithsonian without a passport if you’ll let us visit the Grand Canyon and Orlando. Your Democratic voters are welcome to move to our new, Scandinavian-style nation.

Threats of secession have brought out the best in our readers. Nathan Bissonette writes:

The secessionists are looking at the state-by-state Red/Blue map. A better indicator is the county-by-county Red/Blue map [on which almost all of the counties are red, even in the blue states].
Liberals don’t need to secede. We need to turn Blue counties into Liberal Reservations, just like Indian Reservations. They can have their own law requiring taxpayer funded partial birth abortions, and we can have ours prohibiting it.
Women who want one can visit the reservation, just as they did to get divorced in Reno, and just as they do to play the slots at Mystic Lake.
I nominate Al Gore for Commissioner of the Bureau of Liberal Affairs to run the reservations, hopefully as efficiently and courteously as BIA works now.

Meanwhile, James Carville says the Democratic Party’s problems are not just cosmetic, and the party needs to be “born again” if it wants to reclaim majority status. It’s unclear what Carville has in mind–I assume he wasn’t suggesting that Democrats join the ranks of those Garrison Keillor says shouldn’t be allowed to vote–but reader Mike Engleman has an interesting response:

Democrats just don’t get it, do they? Remember the shock of the MSM, early into President Bush’s first term, when he dared to do exactly what he said he’d do during the 2000 campaign? “Not fair!” the MSM declared.
Now comes Democratic Party Guru James Carville telling the Washington Times, “We’ve got to reassess ouselves. We’ve got to be born again.” Pardon? Does he mean that his party must move its liberal policies rightward? Or is he suggesting that the party explain its liberal approach to life in a manner that would be more attractive to middle America?
Kind of like a young woman believing that breast implants will change her relationships with men.
They just don’t get this “values” business, do they? You say what you believe and what you plan to do about what you believe. Then you do it. Simple. Which, I suppose, is why the Blues believe us Reds (and the President) to be simple minded.

I liked Mike’s analogy. And, speaking of implants…how’s that for a transition? For those of you who are sick of hearing about the Democrats’ whining: five Victoria’s Secret models kicked off their “Angels Across America” tour yesterday. I have no idea what the point of this tour is, if any, but you can see a slide show here.
UPDATE: I didn’t Google Ms. Leondar-Wright, but reader D. Gorton did:

Gail & Betsy Leondar-Wright, social justice activists and devoted partners, join us on the first day of legal “gender-blind” (AKA Same-Sex) marriage in Massachusetts to talk about their upcoming wedding and the politics of gender-blind marriage.

Somehow I can’t say I’m surprised.


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