Veterans Day 2004

An abyss separates those who have served and sacrificed their blood for our freedom and those of us who have reaped the benefit. The proclamation issued by President Bush in honor of Veterans Day 2004 succinctly captures the essence. See also Mac Owens’s “Where do we find such men?”
Both the Washington Post and the Washington Times tell the story of Eugene Simpson in honor of Veterans Day today. The Post’s story is “Veterans’ Day with a difference” and the Times story is “Honoring our veterans.”
In the Nashville Tennessean Tim Chavez writes of Gold Star mother Eva Savage in “Moore does not speak for them.” Mrs. Savage speaks at the Veterans’ Day ceremony at the courthouse in Livingston, Tennessee today along with the mother of fallen Marine Cpl. Brad McCormick. Don’t miss this one. (Thanks to reader Tom Pechinski and The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.)


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