Media alert

Rocket Man is scheduled to appear on CNBC’s Capital Report this evening at 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. (Eastern), 6:00 and and 9:00 p.m. (Central). At last word he was to appear with Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss — what else? — the possible secession of the blue states. You wouldn’t want to miss it, would you?
ROCKET MAN apologizes to his fans: I wasn’t very good tonight. For some reason, I just didn’t have it. I was up against the most target-rich opponent ever, and mostly misfired. O’Donnell ran away from secession as fast as he could, and wanted to talk about the “fact” that all of the red states are “welfare clients” because they don’t have any wealth. None. (What this has to do with anything is unclear, unless the theory is that red staters owe it to the liberals to vote for their candidate.) I should have concluded by saying: “Larry, you have just perfectly demonstrated the ignorant arrogance that explains why the Democrats can’t win an election.” Unfortunately, I didn’t.
UPDATE: Having watched a tape of last night’s appearance, I don’t feel so bad. It was fine up until the end, when I missed the opportunity for a parting shot. Larry’ O’Donnell is an arrogant, ignorant fool; as such, he perfectly exemplifies today’s Democratic Party. I look forward to future opportunities to rip him.