Post-Election Trash Talk

That’s what the Minneapolis Star Tribune calls it, and it’s not a bad description. The Strib reviews some of the post-November 2 follies, from to threats of secession to Kerry supporters’ assault of a teenage Bush fan with a baseball bat here in my home town. The Strib’s recitation is mostly tongue in cheek and doesn’t add anything new, but it does conclude with this Power Line reference:

Minnesota’s Garrison Keillor, on his “Prairie Home Companion” show last weekend, facetiously declared that he was “over it” but was embarking on a “little project” to take away the right to vote from born-again Christians because they viewed themselves as “citizens of heaven.”
Gibes such as those prompted John Hinderaker, a Minneapolis attorney and the co-founder of, a prominent conservative blog based in the Twin Cities, to counterattack that Democrats’ alternative to defeat consisted primarily of “voter suppression” and “secession.”
That prompted a Powerline contributor to offer yet another separation alternative, creating “Liberal Reservations,” like Indian reservations, for the mostly urban, blue-colored counties, where women could go for abortions, “just as they did to get divorced in Reno.”

The post the Strib referred to is here.
By the way, I’m not sure what the evidence is for the claim that Keillor’s expressed desire to disenfranchise born-again Christians was “facetious.” According to our readers, his anti-Christian rant was delivered with apparent sincerity and was met with enthusiastic applause.