A combustible frenzy

In part 6 of the Boston Globe’s profile of John Kerry, Teresa Heinz is quoted referring to Kerry’s post-divorce private life as his “gypsy period.” Lee Roystone is one of Kerry’s former “gypsy period” girlfriends. We previously noted Roystone’s online Kerry scrapbook in “Men of mojo.”
Roystone is now the author of the novel Hedge Fund Mistress, a thinly veiled memoir deriving from her 20-month on-off relationship with Kerry. Roystone thoughtfully delayed publication of the novel until after the election.
The Telegraph is the first newspaper to have seen a draft of the novel and reports that it promises to embarrass Kerry: “Kerry’s ex-girlfriend relives their affair in graphic novel.” One of the highlights of the Telegraph article is its dry reference to Teresa Heinz as “the widowed ketchup and baked beans heiress.”
DEACON opines: The only thing more commendable than delaying publication of this book until after the election would have been not publishing it at all.


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