Art Exhibit Alert

We don’t just do politics here; we try to stay on top of the finer things in life, too. Like art exhibits. Here’s one I think I’d like: On Friday, the Brooklyn Museum of Art opened an exhibit of 200 photographs of Marilyn Monroe. The exhibit is titled “I Want to Be Loved by You: Photographs of Marilyn Monroe.” An all too brief slide show is available here; here is a sample:
It’s almost enough to make me wish I was in Brooklyn.
UPDATE: I had second thoughts about taking a cheap shot at Brooklyn, which, of course, I didn’t really mean. Sure enough, reader Neil Freeman took me to task:

I must protest the throwaway jibe at brooklyn you make in today’s item about the Marilyn Monroe exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Have you spent any time here? If you had, you might have noticed that Brooklyn is quite possibly the greatest city in the world. It’s family-friendly and has great parks, museums, music, theater, bars, botanic gardens, beaches, food, architecture, waterfront and interesting, diverse people (except, admittedly and regrettably, with respect to political affiliation), etc. It’s also home to thousands of NYC firemen and police officers and members of the US armed forces.
Not to mention that on a 30-minute run in the Olmsted-designed Prospect Park near my house I see literally dozens of cuties in Marilyn’s class.
Again, many thanks for your website, but I have to stick up for my hometown.

Touche, Neil: my apologies to Brooklyn.


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