Bush’s Blogmaster Blogs

Patrick Ruffini ran the Bush-Cheney ’04 campaign’s web site. In that capacity, he played a significant role in last month’s historic victory. It was Patrick who knew the blogosphere, and, on occasion, pointed out news stories and press releases, which otherwise might have been overlooked, to us and to other conservative bloggers. Patrick also invited us to be among the dozen or so credentialed bloggers at the Republican Convention in August. While Howard Dean’s internet operation got the press attention, it was President Bush’s web-savvy campaign, in which Patrick was a key participant, that delivered the goods.
With the campaign now concluded, Patrick has started (or renewed) his own blog. It’s good; check it out. It looks, too, as though he is in the market for a new job. If you’re looking to hire a (surprisingly) young man with precocious knowledge of American politics–he’s worked for Michael Barone–and first-rate web skills, talk to Patrick Ruffini.


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