Contempt, Part II

A Rasmussen poll of “likely voters” finds that Americans believe by a 62 percent to 26 percent margin that American society “is generally fair and decent.” This strikes me as a bit alarming. I’m pretty sure that such a survey taken 45 years ago, when I first started following politics, would have yielded a more overwhelming affirmation of the overall goodness of our society, even though we were actually a much less fair and decent society in those days. The liberal elites, led by the MSM, clearly have made inroads in spreading their contempt for America. And what’s with 12 percent of likely votes not having an opinion about the question of whether we’re mostly fair and decent? That’s a fairly basic issue to be agnostic about. Again, the liberals and the MSM appear to be succeeding in creating doubts.
While the survey results are not good news for America, they are terrible news for Democrats. A majority of Dems are unwilling to say that our society is fair and decent. The split was 46 percent yes; 41 percent no. With a wing of the party that “nuanced,” Democrats may well find it difficult to nominate candidates with an optimistic, non-whiney, robustly pro-American message that can appeal to the clear majority of voters who think we’re basically an okay place.


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