Invisible heroes

Over the weekend, I blogged about the awesome spirit of our wounded soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Hospital. Laura Armstrong wrote to provide additional anecdotal evidence of this phenomenon. Laura is the daughter of Lt. Col. Roger Bartholomew, a hero of the Vietnam War who was killed in combat when she was eight years old. She is the widow of one Marine and the mother of another who has fought in Iraq. She has been around military personnel all of her life. She writes:

A good friend, a Master Gunnery Sgt., has visited Bethesda in an official capacity and is moved to tears by the incredible spirit [he] encountered. Many guys, he says, will not even accept their purple heart until they can get back to their units and have their company commanders present them with it. [My friend] has been a Marine 28 years and says the visits confirmed the true heroism and character of the Corps today. I also wish Americans could know just how much these men are supported by their commanders and staff NCOs.

Has any reporter from a prominent MSM member visited a military hospital to get this story?


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