The return of Tom Jones

The hard copy of the Wall Street Journal carries a delightful profile of Tom Jones by Joanne Kaufman, “This is Tom Jones.” Mr. Jones opens tonight at Irving Plaza and plays through Sunday. Kaufman opens the column with a joke:

So here’s a nice little icebreaker of a joke to tell singer Tom Jones as he sits for an interview in a midtown hotel room. A man goes to his doctor and says —
“The man says ‘I can’t stop singing ‘Green, Green Grass of Home,'” interrupts Mr. Jones, 64, naming one of his major hits.
OK, it’s your turn to interrupt and explain that, no, you heard the joke a whole different way. The way you heard it, a man goes to the doctor and complains that he can’t stop singing “What’s New Pussycat.”
Back to Mr. Jones, who’s in town for a four-night gig at Irving Plaza: “The doctor says, ‘Oh, you have Tom Jones syndrome.'”
Is that a common thing, the patient wants to know.
“Well,” says Mr. Jones, closing in on the punch line. “It’s not unusual.” Ba Dum.

Well, it made me laugh.


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