Rockets Everywhere

First Rick Vatsaas turned my rocket icon into an actual, flying, four and a half foot tall rocket. Now reader Jack Wyatt points out that MSNBC and Audi have stolen my icon for a story, or ad, or something, about inventing.
I’m consulting my legal counsel about whether to sue. I probably won’t, though, since I found the icon through a Google Images search, and, as another reader pointed out some time ago, it was originally a toy bank.
UPDATE: Rocket Team Vatsaas sent a sympathetic email: “Gosh, this is awfully similar to the predicament my brother got into when he built a rocket based on a corporate logo.” The hilarious story of how high-powered legal counsel squashed Team Vatsaas like a bug (er, sort of) is found here: “The Rocket Formerly Known as Black.” If you’re in the mood for a laugh, don’t miss it! Here it is–TRFKAB:
MORE ROCKETS: It always amazes me how much response we get to our more frivolous posts. Our readers are unbelievably smart and creative; Loyd Cole went to the trouble of animating my icon. Here it is:
Unless Deacon and the Trunk stop me, I may substitute this version for the one on the left side of the site. That would force them to animate their icons too. It’s not obvious how one would animate Deacon’s owl–I think it’s an owl–but the Trunk, I have a great idea for — oops, never mind.


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