Allawi Backs Marines

A day or two ago, Iraq’s Prime Minister Allawi was widely quoted as being deeply disturbed, or some such phrase, by the dispatching of a wounded terrorist by a Marine in Fallujah. Today he made a more complete statement in Arabic. Haider Ajina translated this quote from tomorrow’s Al Nahrein newspaper:

Iraqi Prime Minister Dr. Allawi said that he would reserve all comments on the death of the injured Iraqi in Felujah at the hands of a U.S. Marine, until the U.S. reports the finding of the investigation. He also said, “The fighting that the Iraqi & U.S. forces (in Felujah) have contributed greatly to the improvement of security in Iraq. These forces protect the Iraqi civilians from the terrorists and armed thugs, which used Felujah as a base of operations. These Terrorists are murderers, criminals and need to be dealt with accordingly.”

That is, I suspect, the majority view in Iraq.


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