A tough sell

Chrenkoff reports on attempts to blame America for the execution of CARE Australia’s Baghdad chief, Margaret Hassan. There may be a lot at stake here. Earlier today, Trunk posted a message from Baghdad that stated:

There was much uproar about the brutal kidnapping killing of Mrs. Margaret Hassan. Iraqis are upset outraged and disgusted with her brutal abduction & killing. She helped us, helped the poor & needy and this what the terrorist do to her and her family.

I was told pretty much the same thing by an acquaintance here in Washington whose husband is a U.S. official in Iraq. I’ve grown pretty skeptical about talk of “turning points” in Iraq, but it’s possible that the brutal slaying by foreigners of a beloved humanitarian will go a long way towards turning Sunni opinion more strongly against the terrorists. That’s why it is important for those with a stake in having our efforts in Iraq fail to find a way to blame America for the execution. But with the possible exception of Al Gore and Al Jazeerah, who is going to bite on that?


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