Bulletins From the Front

In Kiev, that is.
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Le Sabot Post-Moderne has the latest:

More updates from the Front!
1. The reformers have occupied not only the old Lenin Library, but also the first floor of the mayor’s offices, and the Oktabarskaya Palace. This has all been done legally, with the support of the mayor of Kiev, Omelchenko. He’s thrown in with us unreservedly, which is a huge boost.
3. There are small delegations from several foreign countries here supporting us. The Georgians are here in force, as well as the Belorussians — two countries which have suffered from similar governance to Ukraine’s. A mad Irishman was running around chanting this evening, and I saw an African man carrying his national flag. A Bangladeshi girl shared a table with us at McDonald’s tonight.
3. The rally at Independence Square is doing an admirable job at keeping momentum. They’ve had one of the Klitschko brothers [Ed.: They’re boxers.] lending support. Tonight they had some great original comedy sketches involving Yanukovych and Kuchma fleeing the country in drag. [Ed.: Like the Jefferson Davis myth.]
4. Lech Walesa is here!
5. The news staff of Channel 1+1 (owned by oligarch Medvedchuk) walked out of work recently to protest his temniki — Soviet-style lists of mandatory speaking points for journalists. They’ve now returned to work, and have made a public pledge that they refuse to report lies. This is great! Their van was parked outside Yushchenko HQ tonight.
6. More militiamen have come over to the Reformists. A Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVS) general addressed the crowds tonight at the Square, and the administration and faculty of the Academy of the MVS has also declared for Yushchenko.
7. Churches are high-profile here. You see a lot of men in clerical garb (presumably Greek-Catholic.) Evangelicals are present all out of proportion to their population size — Jesus fish adorn several of the tents, and I’ve met a ton of them in the tent city and elsewhere.

Intensely interesting stuff.


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