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It turns out that our friend Jordan Lorence of the Alliance Defense Fund represents the plaintiffs in the lawsuit we wrote about on Wednesday in “Declaration of Independence censored?” In his post on the lawsuit, Rocket Man took the allegations of the complaint with a grain of salt. Now Jordan writes to report:

ADF filed the lawsuit against the Cupertino School District. We have checked out the facts that we alleged in the complaint, and I believe them to be true. Of course, the School District has not responded yet with its side of the story. But from my direct investigation, this does seem like a situation where a school official thinks that a serious Christian teacher cannot be trusted to use “religious” materials in the classroom in a professional and Constitutional way.
Now, the religious materials we are talking about are things like the writings of William Penn and Sam Adams and the Declaration of Independence, which I think is not religious at all but a statement of political philosophy – our rights do not come from the King (or the dictatorship of the proletariat or liberal beneficience) but from God Himself. Anyway, this seems like a situation in which school officials took things too far. The teacher, Steve Williams, like other teachers at the school, uses supplemental materials to teach the state educational objectives. Some of them have the teachers instruct students about the impact of the Great Awakening on America. One can’t teach that stuff without referring to religion. Liberals must get over their denial that the Founders of this country were devout Christians. The teacher was also responding to questions by his fifth grade students why they say, “under God” each morning in the Pledge of Allegiance.
As you know, the Supreme Court has ruled that religious materials can be used in public schools to teach history, literature, etc. What a deficient education students receive if school officials buckle under to pressure from secular activists to pluck public institutions bare of any mention of God. The Establishment Clause is no mandate for a search and destroy mission against all things religious. We are entering a new round of government censorship of religion as we come into the Christmas season. Hey, everyone, it’s OK to say “Merry Christmas” in a public school.
P.S. Hannity and Colmes are scheduled to have me appear on Monday night to talk about the Declaration of Independence case.


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