Richard Miniter in profile

Last Saturday we interviewed author Richard Miniter on our weekly Northern Alliance Radio Network program. Miniter is the author of the current book Shadow War: The Untold Story of How the Bush Administration is Winning the War Against Terror.
Miniter conducted the interview with us by cell phone from an undisclosed airport at which he was meeting with confidential sources. The element of intrigue was perfect, and he was a terrific guest — a born storyteller, forthright and full of information.
Today Townhall has posted Rebecca Hagelin’s column on him, titled somewhat unimaginatively “Rich Miniter.” Hagelin describes the experience of talking with Miniter and adds some details to our picture of him.
In doing a little research on Miniter to prepare for the interview, I came across this interesting book by his father (also named Richard): The Things I Want Most: The Extraordinary Story of a Boy’s Journey to a Family of His Own. His parents must be special folks; here’s the book description off the Amazon entry:

The remarkable story of a couple who risked everything to open their home–and their hearts–to answer an abandoned child’s wish. It was a small note buried in the file of a deeply troubled eleven-year-old boy–a plea for a normal life Rich and Sue Miniter couldn’t ignore:

The Things I Want MOST:
A family
A fishing pole
A family

The Miniters heard in that simple note the voice of a frightened child who wanted what all children want and need: someone to love who would love them in return.
So they brought Mike home to the cozy country inn they’d restored and managed in rural upstate New York. There, over the next year, they would try to make Mike’s dream come true. But first they would have to work through the fear, anger, and distrust that accompanied this boy who had lived his whole life with the label “severely emotionally disturbed.” For the biggest obstacle to Mike’s happiness was Mike himself, who gave the Miniters every reason to give up but one–the power of love.

We look forward to catching up with Miniter again early next year.


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