Bulletins From the Front

Keep checking Le Sabot Post-Moderne for updates. The latest includes a parallel to our own election:

Donetsk is the hub of Yanukovych support (he’s the former governor of the region.) It’s also the center of corruption in the country…. Last night, Donetsk TV was talking about autonomy or secession for the Donetsk region, or possible union with Russia. A bit like the reaction in American “blue” states after the last presidential election, there isn’t a serious movement for autonomy in Donetsk. But such talk is a real sign that people are sensing which direction this thing is going.

Our good friend King Banaian of SCSU Scholars has been all over the Ukraine situation; just keep scrolling.
Arthur Chrenkoff wrote us to point out an article he translated from a Polish newspaper, which sets forth an appalling conspiracy theory being peddled by one of Viktor Yanukovych’s advisers, a Russian associated with the Institute of Political Studies in Moscow. The theory is hard to summarize, but it blames Poland for the Ukrainian pro-democracy movement and involves former Carter adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and his sons. The author of the Polish conspiracy theory, unfortunately, has close ties to the Putin government.


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