A star is born, we hope

We were sorely disappointed last November when Republican Bobby Jindal narrowly lost to Democrat Kathleen Blanco in his Louisiana gubernatorial bid. Jindal is a 33-year-old wunderkind — a policy wonk with degrees from Brown and Oxford — whose parents emigrated from India to Baton Rouge before he was born.
We celebrated the emergence of “Bubbas for Bobby” in the course of last year’s campaign (see “Here comes Bobby Jindal, we hope”) and quoted at length from the Weekly Standard‘s terrific profile of Jindal by Fred Barnes in “I hear America singing.”
Barnes is back in the current issue of the Weekly Standard with “Jindal all the way,” an upate on Jindal in connection with his election to Congress. The article is available online in full to subscribers only (so subscribe already!), but here’s the heart of the piece:

When President Bush toured Stuart, Florida, after Hurricane Jeanne struck the town last September, he met an engineer from Louisiana working as a volunteer with the Federal Emergency Management Administration. “Do you know Bobby Jindal?” the man asked. The president did, recalling Jindal as a senior official at the Department of Health and Human Services, then as the Republican who narrowly lost the race for Louisiana governor in 2003. The questioner, it turned out, was Jindal’s father.
It’s quite an advantage for a newly elected House member, which Jindal now is, to know the president personally. But in his case, the advantage probably isn’t necessary. Given his age (33), his r