Maureen Dowd’s Best Column Ever

That’s because she turns it over to her brother Kevin, whom she describes–a bit dismissively, or am I being too sensitive?–as “a salesman.” Before yielding the floor to Kevin, Maureen writes:

I’ve been surprised, out on the road, how often I get asked about my family. They’re beyond red – more like crimson. My sister flew to West Virginia in October to work a phone bank for W.
People often wonder what our Thanksgiving is like.
It’s lovely – if you enjoy hearing about how brilliant Ann Coulter is, how misguided The New York Times’s editorial page is, and how valiant the president is as he tries to stop America’s slide into paganism.
This year, my brothers were on the warpath about news reports that Maryland public schools did not teach about Thanksgiving from a religious perspective. “Who do they think the Pilgrims thanked?” demanded Martin. “God.”
There are moments – when my brothers are sharing some snarky thing Rush Limbaugh said about me, or the latest bon mot from Pat Buchanan, with whom they grew up – that I’m tempted to stuff my ears with my mom’s potato stuffing, or go off and read a book by David Sedaris [Ed.: Who?] about normal family life.

Kevin’s worth reading, but better yet is the thought of Maureen stuffing her ears with potatoes to keep conservative thoughts from seeping into her brain.
Via Michelle Malkin.


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