Some Thoughts on a Slow News Day

There really isn’t much going on today, although that could change if rumors of martial law in Ukraine prove correct. So far, though, no sign of anything untoward going on there.
Prompted by a couple of readers, I wandered over to Sports Illustrated’s site and voted for Pat Tillman for Sportsman of the Year. He’s currently in third place. It’s a totally non-binding vote, as the editors will do what they want, but still worth a visit.
In our mailbox this morning was an email from “the other Rocket Man,” Richard Mason. Last spring I did a post in which I mentioned that my youngest daughter, then seven, was amused by hearing me called “Rocket Man” on the radio. So she drew a picture of a rocket in space to commemorate the nickname. Richard, amazingly enough, copied the picture and put it on the side of his van. He writes: “Please thank your daughter for helping me come up with a great sign for my business.” I’m not sure of the exact nature of the business, but it obviously involves children, and Richard goes by the moniker “Rocketman.” Here he is, with the van. Click to enlarge:

Now, Richard, let’s talk about that licensing agreement…