Only in America (it’s GRRREAT)

President Bush has nominated Carlos Gutierrez to be the next Secretary of Commerce. Here is what the president had to say about the new secretary.

Carlos Gutierrez is one of America’s most respected business leaders. He is a great American success story. As CEO of the Kellogg Company, he has been an effective, visionary executive. He understands the world of business, from the first rung on the ladder to the very top. He knows exactly what it takes to help American businesses grow and to create jobs. I look forward to having his creativity and expertise in my Cabinet.
Carlos’ family came to America from Cuba when he was a boy. He learned English from a bellhop in a Miami hotel and later became an American citizen. When his family eventually settled in Mexico City, Carlos took his first job for Kellogg as a truck driver, delivering Frosted Flakes to local stores. Ten years after he started he was running the Mexican business. And 15 years after that he was running the entire company.

Via Tom von Gremp


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