Tony Snow to the rescue

Today’s day brightener comes via Tony Snow and Griff Jenkins, the producer of the Tony Snow Show on Fox News Radio. Griff writes:

KUDOS to you guys on Steve [Gardner]! We’ve made it our goal to help Steve in some significant way this way by encouraging conservatives to commit acts of compassion and get Steve a job!!
Steve’s on Tony right now – 09:35a ET – he’s doing very well! You can listen to it live or hear the highlight recap later this afternoon at!
Tony is singing your praises and will get powerline some plugs too!
Griff Jenkins
The Tony Snow Show
Fox News Radio

Any chance we can get the editorial staff over at the New York Post to pick up the ball?
Tony Snow writes:

Thanks for the great work on Steve Gardner. He told me off-air that he was down to $400 in savings before the story ran — and still has about $900 in bills to pay. I’m urging listeners to practice compassionate conservatism by writing checks. I’m also directing them to your site via the Tony Snow Show website and my nascent blog, (those posts probably won’t get up until the afternoon because I have to fly to NY as soon as I get off the air). Again, keep up the sensational work!
Tony Snow

Tony, is there any chance we could get an autographed photo for Mrs. Trunk?


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