We’ll be seeing you, Al

When liberals use the word “racist” these days, they normally do so in two contexts First, they use it to end discussion of a vexing issue such as racial preferences or even tax cuts or welfare reform (per Charlie Rangel and John Lewis). Second, they use it as a gratuitous insult, one that they, by virtue of their status as liberals, feel entitled to hurl indiscriminately at conservatives
Comedian Al Franken is an insult man, not a commentator on vexing issues. Thus, it is not surprising that his gratuitous reference to David Horowitz as a “racist” falls into the second category of usage described in the previous paragraph. As Jay Nordlinger points out, however, Horowitz does not take such insults without fighting back. Thus, as Nordlinger puts it, Horowitz has answered “in a big damning way.” The response includes this:

As it happens I marched in my first civil rights protest in 1948 before Al Franken was born. For more than fifty years I have supported minorities and defended their civil rights in public word and deed, and raised millions of dollars to help inner city minorities whom racism has scarred. In fact there is no single cause


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