101 recommendations

The text of the UN report (referred to by Rocket Man earlier today here) and of its 101 recommendations is apparently not to be released formally until tomorrow. News reports indicate, however, that the report provides that only the U.N. Security Council has the legal standing to authorize a “preventive war”: “U.S. right to use force challenged in U.N. report.”
Who could reasonably object to giving France, Russia or China a veto over the right of the United States to defend itself? The report’s 101 recommendations apparently have the same object in mind for the United States that Cruella De Vil had in mind for the dalmations. I look forward to hearing the comments of John Kerry and other prominent Democrats on this element of the report, or watching the votes when some ambitious senator puts this notion to the test of a sense of the Senate resolution.
HINDROCKET adds: This is the “global test,” right? I think the Democratic Party has already staked out a position on this one. Or, if they meant something different, it will be fun to watch them try to draw the necessary distinctions.


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