Hey Jude

Twice in recent days the BBC ran an interview with one Jude Finisterra, identified as a spokesman for Dow Chemical. In the interview Mr. Finisterra said that Dow, contrary to its assertions for the past 20 years, accepted responsibility for India’s Bhopal disaster involving Union Carbide.
Earlier today the BBC acknowledged that Mr. Finisterra is not a spokesman for Dow and that its report was part of an “elaborate deception.” ABC carries the Reuters account: “BBC says Dow interview an ‘elaborate deception.'” I believe this is what’s known among Beatles fans as taking a sad song and making it better.
One question: Who the hell is Mr. Finisterra? Clue: In Latin his name approximately means “end of the earth.” Unfortunately, according to Reuters, “The BBC gave no further details.”
Over the past two years we have written a lot here about the BBC. I related Winston Churchill’s experience with the BBC this past January in connection with the release of the Hutton report in “The disgrace of the BBC.”


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