Captain Hartney links and reports

Army Captain Richard Hartney blogs from Baghdad at Beef Always Wins. Early this morning he sent us an email regarding his post “Primary sources”:

I think you may be interested in this weekly newsletter put out by our Public Affairs office. Also, the website below is a good source for info straight from Iraq. I posted some of the relevant links over at my blog, but they’re easy to find from the home page.
Thanks for what you do,
Rich Hartney
P.S. Thank you for your kind words and the link you posted the other day — the response has been amazing at my blog and in my inbox!

Captain Hartney has posted excerpts of the messages he received from Power Line readers in “I’ll need a rain check on that beer.” Captain Hartney forwarded this message from Air Force Captain Alan Amato with the link he referred to above:

Eye on Iraq is a series produced by the Multi National Corps — Iraq Public Affairs office in cooperation with Combat Camera. It is published in both Arabic and English and is intended for public consumption.
The series provides a glimpse at some of the ongoing good news stories here. Please feel free to redistribute this product.
You can find previous issues of Eye on Iraq and full size images on the web here.


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