Miss World Finale Tonight

The conclusion of the Miss World competition will take place tonight. Five finalists have already been selected; ten more will be chosen tonight, based on voting by those watching the pageant on television. The TV audience is expected to exceed 2 billion–more than one-third of all of the people on earth, and more than for any event except the Olympics and World Cup soccer.
Miss USA, Nancy Randall, continues to be the betting favorite. The pageant’s official site is here. The pageant will be streamed live on the internet; I assume you can access the stream off the pageant’s site, but that isn’t entirely clear.
Here is a news account of tonight’s final.
And, finally, here are a few photos from the contest so far. On the left, Miss Bolivia, Miss USA, Miss Paraguay and Miss Brazil, during the Beach Beauty competition. On the right, Miss Trinidad and Tobago and Miss USA, who finished third and first respectively in the Beach competition. Below, Lionel Richie, who will be one of the hosts tonight, with Miss China (one of the betting favorites) and Miss Taipei (that is, Taiwan). Click to enlarge: