Where is Jimmy Carter?

Last week in his Impromptus column, Jay Nordlinger reported a reader’s query:

A reader writes, “Is Jimmy Carter sick or something? A gang of thugs just stole an election in Ukraine, and our former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner wasn’t there to give it thumbs-up.”

I wonder if Carter may have been otherwise occupied advising Markos Moulitsas and friends.
UPDATE: Reader James Caine writes from Dallas:

With reference to your post about the whereabouts of Jimmy Carter, you might want to read Mary Anastasia O’Grady’s column on the opinion page in Friday’s Wall Street Journal. In the article, she suggests that the Ukrainians erect “a monument to Jimmy Carter to thank him for not ‘observing’ their elections” (italics in the original). She contrasts the outcome of the Ukrainian fraudulent elections with a recent recall vote in Venezuela, which Carter observed and rushed to endorse the outcome, although most people believe that the vote was stolen there. Carter’s quick endorsement of the results kept Hugo Chavez, a protege of Fidel Castro, in power, and the opposition with nothing to complain about. Since then, three opposition leaders have been gunned down because they “resisted arrest” according to the government. The Ukrainians really ought to be thankful that Carter didn’t show up for their elections.


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